Reservatic – perfect online reservation system

All in one app. Have just one account for hairdresser´s, rental, doctor, car service or favourite sport place. Reservatic is unique online reservation system for mutually effective client service booking. 

On PC - in mobile

Although web applications are fully accustomed to smaller displays, nowadays mobile devices are an indispensable part of our life, and that's why we also offer the mobile app, helping clients easily order the services provided by You, or change/cancel the reservation in a very simple way. 

Clients are also notified about changes that are done to their reservations. 

Preventing time losses 

Frequent changes or late cancellation of ordered dates lowers the effectiveness of working time use. 

Reservatic allows clients to use the Watchdog function, notifying them about the suddenly freed up date, which helps to fill the emptied spot without needing to contact your clients by telephone.  

On-line payments

In Reservatic you can pay your order by card, using the payment gateway just like you´re used to. 


SMS notification is also an important part of our system. You can choose whether the client receives SMS for every change of reservation, or just in case of confirmation. You can also choose other options, such as email or mobile app notification. 

Open data

System is connectible with third party applications and systems. Hospital, medical systems, municipalities, registers.  We connect, integrate, convert data, if you need that.

Reservation on your own website? 

Use an iframe, easily inserted into Your website. Reservation window can be displayed for the whole company, particular business places or a single office. Iframe is available in language mutations, too. 

Save forests

Stop handing paper documents to your clients and send them email attachments instead.


Improve your services and get feedback from your clients! You can create a custom questionnaire, automatically sent to every client with reservation confirmation. 

Waiting room 

You don't want your clients to order at a certain time? We have the waiting room! Client chooses date only, alternatively adds own preference and you can give him the reservation time Yourself. 


Do you want to have the overview of actual reservations for the whole day or a week at hand? Print the overview in PDF format. You can print the complete statistics, too. 

Free trial 

Reservatic offers one month of trial for free. All the more, if the only calendar is sufficient to you, further usage is for free, too. 

Follow-up work reservation management

System allows you to move the whole queue of reservations according to Your actual options. All clients will be notified with SMS or other methods.



All saved data, including personal data are secured against unauthorised access on multiple layers. It covers physical security - no one unauthorized can enter the data centre and everything is on camera system. We also comply with best-practises for software security.

We regularly control the system with internal and external audits, all server activities are monitored and we´re informed about eventual attempts of unauthorised access immediately

Personal data are processed in full compliance with GDPR and Personal Data Privacy Law .

Reservatic gives you one month for free.
In addition, if you´re fine with just one calendar, service stays free.