Price list

Service/product List price
Developer - Ruby on Rails/React 70 EUR/h
Developer - PHP 60 EUR/h
Developer - Mobile Development (Android, iOS) 60 EUR/h
Network Administrator, DevOps 60 EUR/h
SW architect, analyst 70 EUR/h
Front-end developer 56 EUR/h
L2 Technical Support 32 EUR/h
Consultant, trainer, methodologist 56 EUR/h

Service/product List price
SEO specialist 70 EUR/h
SEO Audit - one-time 170 EUR
SEO Audit - regular 140 EUR/month

Service/product List price
Digital design and web design 56 EUR/h
Logo and visual identity 70 EUR/h
Polygraphic works 56 EUR/h
UX/UI Analyst 70 EUR/h
Complete graphic manual from 1.390 EUR

Service/product List price
.cz domain registration (1 year) 20 EUR/year
Registration of other domains .com, .eu, .sk, etc. from 15 EUR/year
Google Workspace license (per user) from 6 EUR/month
Webhosting - shared from 14 EUR/month
Server hosting, VPS hosting (by type) from 220 EUR/month
Server management and monitoring, VPS from 90 EUR/month
IT infrastructure security audit (one-off) from 350 EUR
IT infrastructure security audit (monthly) from 130 EUR/month

Service/product List price
Marketing for e-shop individually
Promotion of services - for individuals 220 EUR/month
Promotion of services - for small businesses 435 EUR/month
Promotion of services - for large companies from 650 EUR/month
Complex marketing for companies from 2.170 EUR/month
Marketing consultant 50 EUR/h
Copywriter 50 EUR/h
Social network management from 220 EUR/month

Service/product List price
Implementation of on-premise video calling system Jitsi Meet from 365 EUR
Maintenance of on-premise video call system Jitsi Meet from 730 EUR/year
Implementation of the Magento 2 e-shop system from 5.220 EUR
Maintenance of the Magento 2 system e-shop from 365 EUR/month
Development of a web presentation in the ePublish 5 system from 2.170 EUR
Implementation of on-premise chat system ChatWoot from 240 EUR
Maintenance of the ChatWoot chat system on-premise from 365 EUR/year
Implementation of the on-premise analytical system Matomo from 425 EUR
Maintenance of on-premise analytical system Matomo from 730 EUR/year
Redmine - SW tool for project management from 630 EUR

Price list of services provided by us valid from 1 January 2023.

Hourly rates are always charged for 0.5 h, minimum value 0.5 h. In the case of a request for work performed outside working hours 8:00 - 16:00 on working days or a priority solution to the request (and after agreeing on the date and possible capacity) a surcharge of 50% of the list price is charged.