The EvoCat interactive kiosk is a multifunctional device with multiple uses. You can use it for call systems - it is fully compatible with our Reservatic reservation system, for navigation in buildings or for accessing visitor information.

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Why EvoCat.io?


Simple operation and efficiency

User control - The EvoCat kiosk is dominated by a 22" LCD touch screen that guides the visitor through the necessary process.

Performance and development - At the heart of the kiosk is a microcomputer, built on an ARM platform that allows seamless interaction with a variety of systems.

Ease of installation and use - all elements of the system are interconnected using modern protocols, ensuring authenticity, integrity and security of transmitted data.

Connectivity - the kiosk can be linked to websites or create its own administration, it is also suitable for interfacing with other peripherals of the EvoCat call system such as central screens, counter displays, speakers and others.

Quality and durability of the kiosk - the kiosk is made of artificial stone, so it is guaranteed to be long-lasting, colourfast, sturdy and luxurious in appearance.


How EvoCat works

  • The EvoCat kiosk is dominated by a 22" LCD touch screen that guides the visitor through the necessary process.
  • The kiosk is designed for indoor use so that it is not exposed to adverse weather conditions that could negatively affect its performance and reliability.
  • Once the purpose of the kiosk is determined, we will design a suitable solution and connection to the data source (xml feed, administration interface, connection to booking systems).
  • The graphical output can be developed according to your specifications or we can design the overall appearance based on user-friendliness rules.
  • For its operation, it is necessary to provide a location away from the elements.

New realizations

DOV navigation kiosk

DOV navigation kiosk

In cooperation with the Lower Vítkovice Region, we have prepared a kiosk for visitors to the reconstructed Little World of Technology U6 exhibition, containing an interactive map showing the location of individual attractions, including their description and opening hours. Visitors can also view tour dates, public transport timetables, a calendar of events or purchase tickets for attractions using a QR code with a link.

The map graphics were custom-made, and the kiosk is linked to the website from which it transmits the latest information to the Kiosk using an xml feed, so the data displayed is always up-to-date.

Virtual Branch Office RBP

Virtual Branch Office RBP

As part of our cooperation with the health insurance company RBP, we integrated our solution for the call system including EvoCat kiosks at their branch in Karviná, which replaced the original inadequate system.

The kiosks are connected to our Reservatic reservation system and are linked to other elements for efficient check-in of branch visitors. With this solution, the EvoCat retrieval system is conveniently controlled by the counter staff via a web browser.

MSIC kiosk

MSIC kiosk

PFor the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre, located on the premises of the Science and Technology Park, we created a navigation kiosk for the PIANO and TRIDENT buildings.

The kiosk enables orientation in the buildings with the help of an interactive map, on which it is possible to view the location of a particular entity, and at the same time allows calling selected offices, for example to announce a visit.