Hedurio – effective company management

Unique modular ERP system provides complex and clear management of medium-sized and big companies in the field of security and retail services. Hedurio is concentrated  on processing, systematization of  business operations and simplified cooperation of single company departments.

Mobile applications

There are 4 mobile apps as a part of the system:
Hedurio - for employees and parties interested in services. Overview of services, information and job offerings. Free advertising.

Strážní kniha - on-line records of operational activities including photo evidence.
Patrols - uncompromising overview of awareness of patrols and guard activities.
GateHouse - system for gatehouse management.


System reflects current changes in legislation and monitor all legislative demands on the company, like expirations of contracts, certificates, training or health check-ups. Saves HR costs and minimises the error rate of the human factor. 


Complex training system in one site. Speeds up new employees' adaptation and keeps your present ones on a high level of technical education and preparedness. Training for occupational health and safety (OSH) and Fire Safety, company car drivers and any internal e-learning right in the platform.  

Car report

Records about business trips in one place, with all required functionalities. Have an absolute awareness of your company fleet and employees using it.

Event calendar, shifts planner

Planning and stating shifts was never easier. Everything works online right in the application, with overviews and statistics immediately at disposal, so that you can analyse the run of your company. 

Time and attendance system

Available to all interested company departments. No more arguments and discrepancies during wages payments, clear overview of hours worked, level of meeting the obligations. Undeniable database.


Recorded on-line, predefined forms with immediate control. List of activities, checkpoints or organization processes. have them always by hand and check the status whenever you want.

Warehouse management

Complete overview about warehouse activity and actual stock. Setup the quotes, troubleshoot weak spots, be operative! Don´t pay another ERP licence. Thanks to Hedurio you have all warehouse info and statistics in one platform.

Order records

Manage all historical, current and planned order and profits in one place. Statistical approach enables prediction for effective and strategic company management, immediate overviews and processing  status, which allows you to concentrate on relevant segments. 

Employees database 

Well arranged database of human resources with all available data. Instead of disorganised file rooms use an unified database with filters and categories. With help of defined dials - setup database parameters and stay aware all the time.

Motivational program

Function of setting up an individual motivational program - foundation for monthly wage calculating. 

Both you and your employees will always know the real state of things. Automate wage processes, lower your expenses, earn more!

Substitutability and information sharing

Everyone is replaceable, but when the person holds the whole working know-how and knowledge base, replacing is much harder. Working with Hedurio secures, that all information from any authorised person is traceable in one place.


Advantages of Hedurio system

Economy – complexity of the software saves expenses of other operational system, time and human resources

Accessibility - cloud solution accessible from any place 24/7.

Security – complies with high demands for data protection and GDPR, every unique access is secured by own login name and password.

Overview, archivation – immediate control of the run of the company in form of statistics and reports, digital documentation, its management, automatic monitoring of effect and archivation, elektronická dokumentace, její správa, automatické sledování platnosti a archivace.

Dynamical price policy – reflecting profitability of Your business, you only pay licences for performance related divisions, unlimited number of clients, stable objects and events.

Hedurio focuses on process areas, systematization activities and simplified collaboration between company departments.