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We have been programming with Ruby on Rails for
many years, and have found the Ruby
language most intuitive.

About us

We have been programming with Ruby on Rails for many years. During this time, we have found the Ruby language to be most intuitive, and a developer-friendly way of expressing the flow of ideas from inside the human brain. Every single thought is easy to transform into a piece of code. When it comes to website development there are many ideas, but the goal is always the same - get it online ASAP! Combining great language with an even better framework is what makes developers happy to work, thus making website projects easier to do. Our mission is to fulfill every customer´s needs, thereby establishing a long-term relationship to make their business grow.

Logo rails Ruby on Rails

Programming with Ruby on Rails is fun for us,
and every project a new challenge.

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We are not afraid to use AJAX or different effect libraries like jQuery UI to help us set interface in motion.

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We never forget about SEO! We always develop with regard to search engine optimization.

Recent work



Reservatic is an online booking system. The system, which is used for reservation services through computer applications of high quality, which saves customers time. Application allows standard ordering site, type and date of service, which can be interactively edit and change. It delivers simple and fast ordering services, and especially the consequent and transparent management of all online bookings made with options such reservations flexibly edit and change according to their needs.


Olomouc Region

ELUC is an electronic textbook designed for the Olomouc Region. This electronic textbook is used at 32 secondary schools in the region for teaching technical and scientific subjects. We created a central database of educational materials, data conversion and ensure interactivity and training of teachers in the creation of innovative interactive devices using QR codes. 


Bezpečnostně právní akademie

Jokrys is the system for support the teaching of students. Databases of subjects and their thematic units, which contains individual textbooks and their texts. The text contains multimedia such as images or videos. Creation of tests and exams for students with automatic evaluation. Multitenancy - one app for multiple schools at once, separated by URL.

V p

College of Business

Creation of a comprehensive education system under the auspices a single company. Academic Alliance = continuous educational process from nursery school to college. Created the concept of continuous learning for four-tier educational institutions. At the beginning was the cooperation with the College of Business. A comprehensive system for the management of schools and teaching, including the management of external sites.

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