Sell it now!

Mobile e-commerce app, allowing to aggregate countless offers from another e-shops at one place, in form of dropshipping funnel. 

Advantages for uses 

One login to mobile app means one login to all connected e-shops. Option to defined delivery adress for each e-shop separately. Shared client info (invoice data) for all e-shops. These informations are saved in user profile and preset for the order, but user cn change them. 

Preventing time losses

Each e-shop has its own shopping basket, but for the end user basket looks like the only one. Only in final order steps user is offered transport options due to e-shop specifics. In cae of same payment method and transport there is an option to clear the order in one step.  

Advantages for e-shop operators

Whole system runs completely free, the only operational fee is paid by e-shop operator retrospectively according to contracual conditions between e-shop operator and Wontilles operator.  

Price editation

Option of price editation, presented to user in mobile app. These price can be lower, but also highre, indeed, in comparison to your classic e-shop. Firstly - price level is not decisive for end user like in other aggregators, because price comparison with competition is not displayed.  

Push notifications

System of so called push message for end users allowing them to get immediate info about reduced prices of particular e-shops. This functionality also provides an opportunity to approach new clients already using Wontilles.  

Adjustment options

Options to individually adjust solution for every operator. Application allows another hacks like order history, favourite products, product searching, multilinguality, more currencies.  


Robust data bridge allows integration with any commonly used e-commerce platform or straight with supplier´s feed in machine readable format, without complicated setups and programming.