Súčto – on-line accounting

Súčto is an on-line web application for creating invoices and simple accounting operation (tax accounting) including fully automated generation VAT return and materials for income tax return.

Application can be used without the need of installation to the device. Users have instant, unlimited access to all invoices, invoice patterns and other accounting documents, from any device (notebook), tablet or smartphone. 

Access 24/7

Non-stop access to all invoices, templates, accouting documents - from anywhere and any computr (notebook), tablet or smartphone. All operations without installation. 

Speed and simplicity

Thanks to preset template work faster than usually. Invoice in a minute. All in compliance to current legislation. All you need to use Súčto is just registration. Clearly viewed and user friendly interface. Filtered list of customers and suppliers with due dates.  

VAT very easily

Automatic filling of VAT tax return form - just print it! Automatic income/expense generating into financial diary with tax category - for more companies under one account. Perfect instrument for accountants.  Easy income/expense documentation export. 

Car reports and calendar

Car report - record keeping of fleet, drivers and particular trips. Calendar, reminding due dates and other deadlines

Operator of the application is registered to The Office for Personal Data Protection, which guarantees safety against misusing data.

Application can be used in form of mobile application, too.

Easy to use for both freelance accountant and big office.


Create your invoices with ease and keep the record of your expenses online. Stay aware about your business all the time.