EvoCat.io – online queue management system

Complex queue management system, designed for effective work of any institution, dealing with physical interaction of clients at the counters.

From the very beginning designed for easy integration with third party reservation and ordering systems. 

Central panel

Basic components of the system are: central panel with single counters overview, counter panel, displaying current order number on the counter and counter controller, serving for next client call or for example break defining.

Clear and simple

All metrics from single counters are collected by the central panel and subsequently provide important statistical data about speed of service, duration and workload  to the operator, which, in terms of proper interpretation, helps save human and financial resources. According to the usage of LCD panels instead of digital LED displays it is also possible to concurrently present multimedia content, for example news, recommended procedures etc. 

EvoCat kiosk

Entrance kiosk EvoCat is a multi-purpose device serving for the interaction with clients. Design is dominated by 22′′ LCD touchscreen, leading the client through any process. 

In standard version the device is endowed with contactless cards feeder and a scanner for them. It is possible to expand the set with a label printer, but with emphasis on ecology we gave preference to re-usable contactless cards, which can also be used for other interaction in the building (door unlocking, elevator.

Luxurious design

Kiosk is built from artificial stone, which ensures great durability, colour permanence, firmness and luxurious look, fitting into every building. Microcomputer - the heart of the kiosk - is built on ARM platform with a huge world-wide developing community, ensuring problem-free integration with various peripherals. 

Integration with EvoCat.io ecosystem 

For the purposes of the queue management system EVoCat, it is possible to connect the kiosk with other peripherals of this system - central displays, counter displays, speakers and other. We aimed to create a system easy to install and even easier to run. All system elements are connected by modern protocols, securing authenticity, integrity and security of transferred data. 

Integration with reservation system Reservatic

Reservatic is a product we trust in the long-term. Its integration with queue management system EvoCat brings positives for the service provider - you don't need human resources to manage customers, customers are fluently checked and directed towards their target. Stop the chaos on your halls and corridors. 


Kiosks Evocat are from the first step designed for easy integration with reservational and order systems of third parties.