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Workshop IoT Krakow

On December 14, 2016, our company once again participated in a workshop, dealing with the issue of IoT (Internet of things). The workshop was held, this time in Krakow, our company certainly could not miss!

We are interested in topics IoT PO very beautiful 2nd place in the summer Czech internet of things, our attention yet more performance to improve itself in this issue. IoT make themselves more and more to know, it is this time the conference was held in Krakow, Hubraumu. Hubraum is an incubator, supported by T-Mobile (Accelerator). Dave incubator space for growth project. It provides space for new ideas to companies of Central Eastern European countries.


The workshop was also working with the analytical tool Microsoft Azure (cloud service platform). The platform is open a Flexible. Azure supports widest range of operating systems, programming languages, interfaces, tools, databases on the device. Supports technology trusted by millions of developers to IT professionals. Integrated tools, pre-built templates make it easy to create managed services to manage enterprise mobile internet web of things (IoT) faster.

The workshop was again a Real Opportunity to try a development kit from Intel. Overall, was presented Review Complete IoT architecture - from sensors, bran, Gate, edge analytics cloud platform Azure.

The workshop was aimed to work with:

  • Intel IoT Gateway Developer Hub
  • Helix Device Cloud
  • MQTT Protocol
  • Node-RED, data filtering, automation
  • Microsoft - data analytics on Azure platform
  • Security


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