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Work experience for young people

Railsformers at the beginning of 2014 participated in training programs for young people up to 30 years. A company and also job seeker may register to the project The project is based on the current needs of the labor market and serve participants from the target groups to start their professional career.

Terms and definition of target groups is shown in the MLSA integrated portal . Project participants are motivated to actively seek employment. The entire program is used primarily to promote cooperation between Labour office and the employers and the intersection of demand   ( for employers ) and supply (on the job seekers ) .

The project is funded by the ESF . The big advantage for candidates is opportunity to obtain a contract to full-time employment. One of the main objectives of the project is an effort to integrate young people up to 30 years in the labor market . Company Railsformers participated in this program and trying to recruit young graduates of high schools and universities , thus providing the opportunity to obtain practical training graduates. Conversely, for Railsformers it means the possibility of recruiting young , ambitious and capable people .


Personal experience

As a graduate of VSB - TUO since October 2013 , I attended several job interviews. Very often I met with the fact that the advertised job description was actually quite different from reality. One option to avoid misleading advert and contact with solid and proven company has to register with Project Professional practice for young people up to 30 years.

In early December, I made an electronic registration to the project and in the first half of January this year, I’ve been contacted by MLSA and invited for an interview. The second interview took place the following week and involved jobs at Railsformers . The entire process, from registration to the actual start new job ran absolutely smoothly, correctly and especially in a very short period. Working team is amazing and the company is located in a modern building. Therefore, this project I highly recommend it to all graduates and good luck !


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