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StartUp Harvest 2014

In mid-September, was held the first annual conference StartUp Harvest. It was the first meeting of the new entrepreneurs with investors in the Moravian-Silesian Region. The event took place over two days from the 18th to 19th of September in the area The Lower Vítkovice. The event was attended by six investors from the Czech Republic and abroad, who chose and rated from 12 startup companies from M-S Region, which presented their products via visual presentation. At the event was participated startups focused on IT technologies and companies with tangible products. Outside the opportunity to gain the interest of potential investors was the motivation for the winning startup, who won the prize in the amount of 100.000, - CZK.

We participated on this event and were selected to the final 12 startups. We presented our main product Hedurio, more info about product on the web. Part of the final was a 6-minute presentation, which was mainly focused on the performance of the product and describing the business plan focusing on specific numbers which are important for investors' decisions whether support the project. At the end of each presentation was given space to investors and their questions.

Our company Railsformers with the product Hedurio was placed in the final standings in the first half of the final list of startups. The outcome of that conference was to obtain useful contacts not only from the Czech Republic, but also contacts from abroad which are important for us to reach our goal, to expand with Hedurio. We have received an offer for coaching and mentoring from foreign coaches, who will help us to approach a little closer to expansion into foreign markets and take advantage of its potential. 

We can not forget to give big thank you to the organizers of event for perfect  coordination of the program and congratulate to them, because it was for them the first experience, since it was the first year. At the same time we have to highlight the great cast of startup companies and their ideas and perfect team that we have created as event participants. The whole event was for us a great asset and we have to evaluate more than positive.


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