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sRecepty- culinary site not only for eaters

Since 2009, was established outstanding portal of recipes called sRecepty. It aims to become a hosting site of recipes created by the user. It is very common that people who are fond cooking have recipes scattered around the kitchen and then, when want to prepare a meal, do not find them. This website was established to solve these situations. The procedure of uploading these recipes on the website is very simple. Each user have to register (they can do it through their Google account, Facebook or just filling in their information) and click on the link "Add Recipe". From that moment, the uploading recipe takes only four simple steps: fill recipe´s name and category, add ingredients, way of preparation and photos or video.

After upload, other users can: ask the authors of the recipe, qualify, print or create their own personal book of recipes, write articles and share cooking tips and tricks. The site has various types of features, and also has a wide platform for interaction with social networks, which further increases the ability to share their content. sRecepty is not just one version of the site because it also has its transcription and adaptation into many languages. The site looks forward to gathering as many users as possible.

Do you like cooking? Are you interested in healthy eating and food in general? Then, you are on the right place: sRecepty is the website where people can meet other users with similar interests in recipes and cooking. All content is created by users. It's simple: they only need to register to start upload recipes with their own name, commenting or writing articles. If users have their favorite restaurant, can recommend it to other users.

Main features of the site include: explanatory videos, restaurant listing, search for recipes by category, share content on social networks, diet of day and/or week, articles with tips, tricks and the latest news from the world of gastronomy, etc.

An active user may collect Golds on the site. What are Golds? Gold is a reward which you can get for just using the portal sRecepty. It is a competition for prizes, which is available for all registered users. With this contest, we want to encourage users to help us develop content of portal. Each user gets Gold for insert new recipe. And it pays off!

When you reach a certain number of Golds, you can choose a gift from the following table. Individual gifts are donated to our contest by sponsors, if you are interested to be one of them, do not hesitate to contact us. If you think that price list lacks something, you can suggest a new price in our forum.


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