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súčto - online application

One of our other products, which we would like to introduce is the accounting application of the sum. Totals is an online application for entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses serving for easy and quick creating invoices and complete tax records (receipts, automatically generated form of VAT to the tax return documents and more). The documents entrepreneur or business can be accessed by multiple users, whose activities may be limited adjustable privileges. This way you can collaborate with external entities (eg. Tax advisor). The application is accessible from any web browser without any installation on the device (PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone).


Basic functions:

  • Online invoicing and accounting.
  • Inspection reports VAT
  • Revenue and expenditure documents.
  • Invoices received / issued.
  • Listing of suppliers and customers.
  • Cash book.
  • Log book.

Easily create invoices to the children your spending online, Keep track of your business. S to this account to save your time and money.


Created invoices can be sent to e-mail customer or exported to PDF and print. You constantly have an overview of overdue invoices or information about unpaid invoices. A useful feature is the ability to invoice the client via the comments link in an e-mail with the invoice. Can you clarify any possible specification and invoiced items. Of course there is intelligent management of partners, which includes the receipt of data and automatically informed about the change in the Trades Register.


Create an invoice in just 20 seconds and can be created in different languages. All the essentials of documents are in compliance with applicable laws. Also available is the auto-fill tax returns. The one agenda logs more users. There you have a history of state issued / accepted documents.

Currently the application uses the totals more than 2,900 users. So go ahead and start enjoying the totals for your needs as well.

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