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Railsformers - Security

Railsformers and security

In Railsformers we make sure that all security systems always correspond to the latest requirements and standards. All our servers are backed up daily to a separate server, the servers are, among others. With RAID technology, which ensures that in the event of an accident disk fails, no data loss. All servers are placed in Tier III datacenter (redundant power supply and air conditioning, fire protection system, physical security and redundant connectivity to servers) together with the servers most visited web portals in the country.

In terms of software use regularly updated with the latest version of the operating system Debian Linux, all servers have carefully firewall settings so that the visitors were visible only those services you really need to see. Everything else have access only to developers and administrators of Railsformers. At all sites automatically deploy SSL to any data flowing by us can not be compromised. We monitor our entire network monitoring system Munin, which is becoming the industry standard, but each application after crash or failure is automatically restarted. As one of the few in the Czech Republic use Sentry, which is a system that informs us about errors occurring at runtime and thus do not have to rely only on feedback from users.

Nginx web server version - with Google 1.10.1 Pagespeed module to ensure maximum performance Web server, Percona Server 5.7 as a substitute for inadequate performance-MySQL server and framework Ruby on Rails version 4.2 Between the Web server and the application itself runs in RoR powerful webserver Puma, characterized by the ability to accommodate a large number of requests per second, while fully utilizes the capabilities of today's advanced server hardware.

In addition to access via IPv4 fully support IPv6.

Databases, applications and temporary files are to maintain maximum throughput and low latency data stored on the SSD disks. These servers from Sun Microsystems, all we have access to KVM, enabling us to diagnose eg. A fault in the hardware without assistance directly in the server and thus accelerate its solution.

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