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Light it up blue!

Blue is good for all circumstances but these days is much more significant than on other days. The blue color is a symbol of support for autism today. It´s very striking that a lot of people still don´t realize the severity of autistic disorders. Although our color is red, color of ruby, we have decided to be a part of good things and we got dressed in blue like one man.
Why blue? Blue is the color of communication and self-expression, which is one of the areas in which people with autism spectrum disorder most trouble. Today's campaign in Czech republic called  „Light it up blue“, which was created in the occasion of the World Autism Awareness Day, co-ordinates Platform Hope for Autism.
Autistic disorder is one of the most serious disorders of mental growing of the child. It´s a congenital disorder of some brain functions, the result of which is that the child doesn´t understand what he sees, hears and feels. Most clearly is impaired communication, social interaction and imagination of the people. Autistic disorders are accompanied by specific patterns of behavior that are sometimes mistaken for rudeness, defiance, etc.
There is about 100,000 people suffering autism in Czech Republic and about 70 million people in the world. Helping children with autistic disorder is common, but adults almost don't have anything. This is the reason why we bring to mind the severity of the disease.

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