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1st Czech IoT Summer Jam 2016

Today at the Prague IoT Hackathon, 1st Czech IoT Summer Jam announcement ceremony was being held. The team of Railsformers Ltd. developers placed 2nd! The event was organized by Czech Radiokomunikace (CRA) with key partners.



Czech IoT Summer Jam

The competition Czech IoT Summer Jam took place from 6th to 15th 14th 11th 2016 and was designated to individuals and companies in Czech Republic with aim to create a prototype application that will process data from sensors, transmitted by LoRa technology. Sensors were located at interesting places, so that the resulting processed data could provide some useful and practically applicable results. The form of data processing and final usage was left up to the imagination of the competitors.


What were the conditions prototype application had to meet?

  • the application was supposed to process sensor data transmitted via Lora network.

  • basic sensors were placed by the competition organizers at the beginning of the competition, while the participants had the opportunity to suggest some other apealing places to add sensors to while the competition was in process

  • development took place under GNU / GPL (open source) license

The competition participants were given the opportunity to express their technical skills and creativity to show usefulness of the Lora technology in practice.

How were the applications assessed?

Applications were evaluated by a jury of experts consisting of representatives from Czech universities, representatives of Czech Radiokomunikace and technical journal editors. Reviewed was not only the idea itself, but jury also took into account technical design of the application.

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