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Ionic 3.0 - to the Treasure of Everything Good?

Ionic 2.0 vs. 3.0

Not so long as the Ionic 2.0 framework was introduced. During its use, however, individual developers have found minor bugs that have prolonged development applications. The requests were heard and Ionic brought a corrected but also a new version.

Ionic 3.0 is not a completely new framework, but change is noticeable. The current version is based on the new version of Angular version 4.0.0. This is somewhat modified compared to version 3.x.x on which Ionic 2.0 was built. This change brings many new "features", smaller size, greater speed and application stability.


Another important change is the transition to a higher version of Typescriptu. Thanks to version 2.2, the build time of the application is shortened and, in particular, the type control is improved. Still, compatibility remains with older versions.

You need to constantly innovate. Days when developers had to set all the configuration applications in the root file are gone. Ionic 3.0 brings setup with the @IonicPage component on each page separately. Everything makes it clearer and much more acceptable. Thanks to this change, it is even easier to use the "lazy loading" design and also to configure the individual pages.

Lazy load

"Lazy load" is already working in the new version, but Ionic developers still do not have enough responses and opinions from developers. This change has a huge impact not only on pagination itself, but also on the entire navigation in the application. A huge positive thing is the fact that the application due to this change should be up to two times faster!

Further development of Ionic developers will be centered on improving the speed, stability and performance of applications. If the development team shows that the speed of hybrid applications may be even closer to native, maybe even offset. Other steps include even more desktop support. At the most recent point, it also remembers bug fixes and bugs that will be associated with changing navigation in the application.

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