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Intel IoT commercial workshops Warsaw 2016

On 19 - 20. 10. 2016, a conference on Intel IoT commerical workshops organized by Intel. The event was held in Warsaw, the company Railsformers could not miss. IoT technologies are for our company one of the priorities.

Meaning IoT

IoT translates Internet of things. From the English translation of the Internet of Things, hence the acronym IoT. Simply put, it is a designation for connecting embedded devices to the Internet. Railsformers established close cooperation with Intel and IoT workshop in Warsaw, our company was definitely beneficial!


With whom we cooperate in the area of ​​IoT?

Our goal is to offer customers complete solutions IoT which is understood as a unique combination of hardware and software know-how. In doing so, we do not want to be dependent on the specific IoT protocol.

Therefore, on the one hand, we cooperate with leading hardware vendors like Intel or AAEON. On the other hand, we are in close contact with IQRF or alliances with České Radiokomunikace worth Protocol Lora and participate in competitions here Summer Jam. Necessary and logical part for us is just monitoring the current trends in the area of ​​IoT.

Our unique team of experts from Ostrava are also working closely on the development of IoT with VSB - Technical University of Ostrava.

Within IoT watching the activities and events of O2 and strive to develop and test solutions for cloud management platform and management of sensors and gateway.

IoT involvement in our products

Railsformers starts offering services and products, their part is just IoT. In one of our key products Hedurio going monitoring premises and persons using technology that allows us to IoT. Furthermore, we develop a system for monitoring and warning of vehicles on highways and smart-parking.

We offer our services to anyone who IoT interested in the issue and we are open to any discussions on this topic.

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