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Hedurio - a unique software

Our main product for the management of security agencies. Hedurio is an unique online information system of its kind. System is provided to end users by cloud solution (on basis SaaS) which ensure maximum system availability from anywhere and anytime. The list of basic functions of the system include comprehensive planning of stable objects (chain stores, warehouses, product halls, etc..) and open events (such as festivals and other public events). As part of this planning is to ensure comprehensive monitoring of buildings and guards in the field via system Hedurio. Guard control in the field is ensured by QR codes that are read by passing each checkpoint via smartphone or tablet which has each guard. 

Besides the main function of monitoring objects and people is offered the opportunity of payroll management and accounting reports within the company and display basic preview of effective management of the enterprise. Another feature is an electronic monitoring of warehouse inventory with current databases and the number of stocks. A detailed overview of all processes within warehouse, including inputs and outputs together with a list of suppliers and customers. 


All processes are secured and displayed online. Ensuring the best possible level of computerization and electronic workflow of internal documents. Thanks to cloud solution is ensured a perfect interaction between users of the system (client---headquarters---guard in the field).

Our product is primarily focused on the market of security agencies and use just in this segment of the market. However, Hedurio is also used in chain stores for monitoring the status of goods in stock and on the store and the subsequent comparison with the state of sold goods. By this function is ensured immediate online check whether during the shift was detected theft or loss of inventory. 

The third and currently very current usability is use the system Hedurio in new ticketing system for the football club Banik Ostrava. Was created a database of registered fans and their records. The aim is to link the static images of fans with video in the stadium and immediate detection of people with inappropriate behavior at the stadium.

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