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Google analytics

Due to current trends in the field of education employees, we ourselves also, Railsformers team decided to learn something new. The previous days, we signed up for the free course Google Academy, this time focused on Google Analytics. The aim of the course was to obtain a greater awareness of how this tool works, how evaluates data and generates reports. 

The course was divided into four thematic sessions and each of them included video with informations. Videos were describing each tool of Google analytics set and each lesson ended by few questions focused on the content of the video. Instructional videos and the whole course was in English, but Google Academy didn't forget for those less proficient in the English language, and the entire contents of all videos was also available in written form. Very useful were questions at the end of each lesson, thanks to which you repeat everything what was said in the video and that you understand everything. Mainly it is a great tool for successful completion of the final test.

The outcome of this course was to obtain a certificate that received everyone who has successfully completed the entire course and passed the final test of knowledge of Google Analytics. The test was made ​​up of 15 questions with the possibility of one or more correct answers. All questions concerning information that has been explained in the lessons. The certificate is awarded to all who meet the final test at least 80% and more. After fulfilling the the above limit is immediately, on Google Academy site, generated certificate, for completing the Course of Google analytics with your name.

Google Analytics is a free application that allows you to get a lot of useful information about the visitors to your website. The service is available at Google analytics site. Registered users get the statistics of their sites. If you set up a new account for your website, service guides you to mark your pages with tracking code.

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