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Go4Invoice- online invoicing and accounting

Go4Invoice is an online application that allows the creation of invoices for payment within a few seconds and sends it directly to the customer via email or create a PDF. This application generates professional looking invoices with own company logo and custom text. The internet access is the only requirement to enable the user to prepare the invoice directly from Go4Invoice account. Can be generated from smartphones, laptops, PCs and tablets. It does not matter if you use Windows, Mac, Android or any other operating system. Inside the system is built a chat to comunicate and share information with business partners, colleagues or accountant. Partner’s invoices appear directly in the mail box and with one click become received invoices.

Go4Invoice is the easiest way to reach customers and suppliers. Through a simple process, users can create a professional looking invoice with all fiscal requirements that must be included. Go4Invoice provides the possibility to store regular invoices to save time. For companies that should generate invoices for customers or suppliers abroad, is available multicurrency system that generates invoices in a different curency.

This application has many other functions and future development potential is enormous. Other available functions: organize expenses by entering the payments in any currency (regardless of the currency of invoice), send a copy of the invoice to Go4Invoice e-mail or directly attached to the request for payment and have concrete evidence. With view of all payments, users will maintain the balance of their money or bank account and enable automatic attention, if necessary. One of the basic rules for good business is having a clear summary about finances. Users can keep track of their bills, view pending payments and arrears directly on the calendar or in a report. Each invoice has own  status indicating when has been  created, sent to the client, seen or mentioned by the client.


 The application itself doesn´t need any installation or configuration on user’s computer or download an update from websites. Go4Invoice team is in charge of system maintenance, giving always the latest version of the program with latest tax and accounting information.

 The application stands out on its website that the data uploaded in is protected under strict safety standards of privacy provided by the quality certificate COMODO EV SSL, which helps prevent identity theft, provides protection against phishing and other fraud in the online world.




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