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Everybody can program

Computer and the Internet – two thinks which we can't live without. Many of us use it in work, others for studying or fun. Hardly anybody knows, who or what is in the background of creating applications we use every day. If we are thinking of it, we generally call these people by IT guys or programmers. But their real work knows only small group of people.

I belong to the kind of people, which generally thinks about these things, so I took the chance and I joined free workshop called RailsGirls, which was intended for beginner programmers and only for girls. I was afraid of this workshop, because I was real beginner in programming, but my fear was totally gone when I met coaches and their good temper and humor.


The workshop was planned for two days, specifically from 4.10. to 5.10. First day was only for basic installation of all necessary programs and tools, which we needed for developing. After installation was the first presentation about HTML basics, where the most funny magic thing was when we hide the Google logo :-). At the end of the first day I went home very happy and could't wait what will happen next day.

Saturday's program started at 9 am. We were welcomed by a lot of food, sweets, fruits and coffee or juice. Afterwards, we watched a presentation about a plan of the day. At the end of the presentation we had a small test, which was creating of My Bentobox. This little task really helped us in the next coding, which we did for rest of the day. The big benefit was that every coach was helping to 3 girls maximum, so that it takes him the individual time for everyone.

motivational game

After lunch we continued in creating simple application, which everyone could updated as much as imagined. Through the afternoon we had a visitor, who was the owner of the sponsoring company and my bos in one person. He told us how he has grown up from the university student to his position of today and he told us what is he working on these days. This presentation was a good motivation for a lot of girls, because there was a lot of questions and longer discussion than usually. We spended the rest of the afternoon by tuning up our applications. Every girl has obtained a lot of presents and certificate of RailsGirls at the end of the workshop.

I have taken with me lots of experience. I met group of very inspirative and smart people, I looked into the mysterious world of programmer „matrix“ and I have also created something, which I want to develop further. Thank you to RailsGirls for allow me to be a part of this workshop and I wish a good luck for the next time! Maybe again in Ostrava.

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