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eurucamp wants to encourage new speakers to get on stage or experienced speakers to try out something new. Never been on stage or thinking about changing the main topic of your speaking efforts? We are your conference!

eurucamp is a Ruby event. We are looking for Ruby topics or topics that would interest Rubyists. The Ruby community is a very curious one, so talks about interesting new developments in the world of programming are welcome. Topics covering the social aspects of programming are also met with interest.

Rails talks are welcome, but we want to cover a broad range of topics, so those will be limited.We also accept non-talk proposals, like workshops and moderated discussions. You can select your format in the CFP process.

eurucamp 2014 has an unconditional mentorship program. This unique approach will ensure that everyone has someone to turn to with ideas and questions. Mentors sign up through the CFP app and agree to helping one or more speakers with their preparations and talk at eurucamp.


Steps of selection speakers

  • Anonymise submissions, so we don’t bias against anything related to the submitter.
  • Two rounds of voting:
    • The first round rates each talk on a scale from 1 to 10.
    • The top-N (~50) submissions are rated again on a 3-point scale (“meh”, “yay”, “MUST HAVE”).
  • De-anonymise so we can (finally) bias against speaker details (e.g. to find a mix of seasoned and new speakers). We do want new speakers on the conference, so don't fear losing out to "the pros" in the last minute.

All talks are in English.

Talks are usually 15 or 30 minutes long (for longer talks we’d get in touch with you directly). Please notify us in advance how long you want your slot to be. We suggest timing your presentation in advance.

Original Topics. One of the things we like to do with eurucamp is to push the community forward. We can’t do this if the same people keep talking about the same things all the time. Thus, we favour original content. If you want to discuss a topic that you have talked about elsewhere, try to add a twist, or new research, or development, something unique. Of course, if your talk is plain awesome as-is, go for that :)

All talks will be recorded and published on the internet for free, along with a recording of the slide deck. We do this for the benefit of the larger Ruby community and those who can’t make it to the conference. Finally, since you retain full ownership of your slides and recording, we’d like to ask you to make your materials and recording available under a creative commons (we default to no commercial reuse) or other open source license

Eurucamp is a summer conference with ample free time for socializing and many opportunities to come up with your own ideas.  

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