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Electronic textbooks

Another area of ​​our interest is the development of electronic textbooks tailored to client requirements (school). The purpose of the electronic textbook is to educate primary school pupils and secondary school students in an interactive way and create a central database of educational materials, the provision of services related to the operation of textbooks, provision of a comprehensive database of educational materials, data conversion, and training teachers and build off-line version with a database of educational materials on the principle of scanning QR codes. The textbook is totally interactive and respects the valid teaching methods, especially framework and school education programs and curricula. Electronic textbook allows each administrator to define its structure textbooks and subsequent schooling. Each content is subject to the approval procedure Ministry of Education.


Each of us created a textbook subject to client specification and meets the requirements for the user interface. Interface uses procedures - specific and typical for the platform on which the solution is operated. Electronic textbook is platform-independent and allows users to work on tablets and Web browsers. Users can manage with a web browser. In the online mode, we use commonly available web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla and Safari. Textbooks also works on mobile devices and on Android and iOS, Windows Mobile and Blackberry, according to client requirements. The textbook can also work in off-line mode, and may also include implementations of QR codes to retrieve information, eg. From QR code affixed to the machine (the teaching of technical subjects). Electronic textbook is thus available in both online web form or in the form of application that can be downloaded directly to mobile device users.


Actual usage


We created an electronic textbook example. For teaching in 32 secondary schools in the Olomouc region, for teaching engineering and science subjects (textbook preview here). In another embodiment, and based on other client's requirements, we put together customized electronic textbook for 5 private schools under the auspices Bezpečtnostně legal akdemie.

Textbook can create interactive lessons for any random orientation and for elementary and secondary schools.

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