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Project CzechEkoSystem

We would like to specify you a project that is implemented under the Operational programme Enterprise and Innovation, and to which we did last year and the current year involved. Participation in the project is conditioned on meeting specified conditions (see below), and processing the necessary documentation for the proper submission of the application. Through the CzechEkoSystem (CES) were approved our product, which deals with management of security agencies. Outcome of the project CES is to provide the necessary information in the form of specialist advice on the professional level, which helps us in further developing our product and its subsequent distribution to end customers.

CzechEkoSystem is focused on the efficient development activities of SME’s in their innovative business through counseling and systematic coach participation. Applicants for participation in the project will gain practical experience in the commercialization of their product, the practical use of business plan and strengthen marketing and management skills in order to increase the ability of applicants to overcome initial difficulties in starting a business and promote the attractiveness of the applicant's business plan for providers of venture capital (called seed capital).

Goal of the project is coordinated way to send the applicant the necessary information throught expert advice. This advice for innovative business environment will be managed by  skilled persons, coaches to maximize the efficiency of the development process..

The project is implemented by CzechInvest (implementer) in accordance with OPPI 2007-13. CzechInvest is in accordance with § 5 of Act No. 47/2002 Coll., on the support for small and medium business. The final beneficiaries will be SME’s, especially in the initial stages of development of your business. Implementer chose by selection process outsourced consulting, coaches and scouts to ensure effective implementation of all project activities and ensure high expertise.

Supported activities are activities focused primarily on providing advice to start-ups and innovative SMEs in the planned development of the company through venture capital. Advisory services provided by outside consultants must cover an area clearly related to the preparation of market entry strategies (with new innovative solutions of product / service) with the assumption of the use of risk capital.

One of the conditions of acceptability of the project is that the project must be implemented in the Czech Republic outside the Prague territory. Further objectives of the project must be consistent with the program objectives and must not be violated EU horizontal policies and their basic principles, namely:

  • Equal opportunities between men and women,  

  • sustainable development in terms of environmental protection.

If you are interested in this opportunity and have an innovative aproach like us, do not hesitate to use the services offered by the project CzechEkoSystem to implement your plans and become an innovative company that leaves nothing to chance.

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