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ČRa IoT Hackathon 2016

The company České Radiokomunikace has organised an IoT Hackathon held in Ostrava Impact HUP, November 4th, 2016. We participated in this event to test our knowledge of IoT against other teams and enthusiasts.

How Hackathon works?

The goal for this IoT Hackathon was to implement a LoRa-based IoT sensor to transmit useful information and use them for real life application. Teams of developers were competing against each other to find the best solution for a prototype.

The team of developers of the company Railsformers placed second and took with him an interesting experience and information about IoT.


Why do we focus on IoT?

IoT or ”Internet of Things” represents a connection of embedded devices with the Internet. In Czech republic, the availability of quick and stable wireless conectivity along with one of the biggest cloud based storage provides ideal conditions for embedded IoT devices.


What are the main advantages of this technology?

The main advantage of the technology is low power consumption and multi-year battery operation. IoT brings continuous monitoring system, including monitoring and remote firmware upgrade sensors. All provide simple and affordable devices. For projení it is possible to use a wireless solution that carries the advantage of simplicity of installation of sensors.

How can IoT use it in practice?

IoT technology can be used for monitoring the consumption of power and other parameters. Appropriate use is also in industry, agriculture and city or town. Ways to use IoT in practice is really a lot, so every idea counts.


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