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Web Summit Dublin 2014

Last week we attended Europe's largest technology conference of this year, which was held in Dublin. The whole event was really monstrous and in speech of numbers as follows: 65,000 tweets, 22,000 participants, 1,300 startups, thousands of journalists and a hundred different countries. All this in just three days. Everything was focused into a few blocks. One part consisted of lectures and discussions of people who shared their own experiences with their business. Among the most well-known speakers were Bono, Tony Hawk, Eva Longoria, Rio Ferdinand and more.

Apart from discussions and lectures were held stand presentation of startups that we participated with the product Hedurio. At the conference companies could meet with many investors from different countries, what is main goal for startup companies and the opportunity to gain valuable experience and partners for their business. We ourselves were convinced of this fact when we conducted the interviews with investors and discussed with them about our product and together outlined the possibilities about expansion Hedurio to abroad and cooperation. In each day was presented around 400 startups and fluctuation of visitors, investors, the media and the speaker was amazing. Despite the large number of participants, this did not prevent a great atmosphere and visible enthusiasm in the eyes of all participating. Thanks this fact we have to say big thank you to organizers of Web Summit in 2014, who really did everything to ensure the smooth course of event and everywhere was always close by trained staff from the organizers.

JAs was already mentioned above, the conference was attended by a huge number of startups. This makes us very happy that we did not meet with a competor that would deal with the same or similar issues about the management of security agencies using the software system based on cloud solutions. This will again confirmed us that our product is truly unique and is focused on a specific market and its target customers.

We left Dublin with a number of valuable contacts and insights about what we have to improve in product presentation if we want to expand abroad. For those of you who are still thinking which conference choose for the presentation of own product and where to get a lot of valuable experience and contacts, Web Summit in Dublin is obvious choice. The atmosphere is really great and the people even more. As a company, we can say that Web Summit was definitely beneficial for us and moved us forward.

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