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The Summit Dublin 2014

We just bought tickets for the biggest event of the year dedicated to the presentation of ideas from the world of technology, performances businesses and its startups to investors from all over the world. If you hear about this summit for the first time, pay close attention to the next few rows.

Within three years The Summit has become one of the world’s most influential and international tech events. The Summit 2013 showcased over 250 world-renowned speakers, 1000 exhibitors, 100 satellite events and the opening of the NASDAQ market live on stage. For three days this November, Dublin will once again become the international tech capital. Last year, 10,242 attendees came from all over the globe including business leaders from Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc.

The Summit is taking place from 4 - 6 November 2014 and takes place in various venues across the city of Dublin, Ireland. Technology is changing the world faster and further than at any point in human history and we definitely want to be there. During the main part of the summit, we will present two of our products and services that we would like to present in a slide show on stage to potential investors from abroad because we plan to expand into foreign markets.

By November, it is certainly a long time, but time runs quickly. We are already looking forward to the summit and prepare to gain new experiences and knowledge. Certainly all the information and details of how everything took place and what this event brought us we will publish on this blog. And who knows, maybe with some of you we meet in Dublin. :)

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