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Reservation systems

Railsformers as the company is also engaged in software in the form of reservation systems to order. The reservation system is designed for the needs of organizing various public events, from concerts to various lectures, but of course, has a variety of other uses and can be adapted according to the needs of each company in peace. Among the basic requirements usually include that the system was able to make a reservation online, ie. Ordering of a specific object surfaces, objects, goods etc. date and time. Reservation avoids duplication orders and the error rate when booking.

The application can track this overall view of space occupancy / or. summary orders. Daters can choose, for example.'re Free space in your schedule and show the person who is responsible for the event. Clearly you will see a list of actions that are already registered. Thanks to the service, you can manage eg. A large area, concrete buildings and rooms (as well as the whole range or services offered). In a certain date, you can book your room for your purposes, eg. Training or performance. The system allows you to manage and varied inventory and furniture of the rooms and buildings. Clearly you have control over their property, which is stored in the rooms.


The system also includes a function of contacts, where you clearly save all your existing contacts and can be modified their profile. E.g. subject name, bank details, address and contact person.


Booking system has an infinite number of uses across all spheres of business and can be arbitrarily set / adjusted according to the specific requirements of peace. Thanks to the electronic booking system gives you more time by saving time associated with the administration and also save you time your client, who form an electronic booking takes too quickly. Reservation is done electronically with data export options and attaching all necessary documents related to the order.


Create new actions, events, plan, organize, find a building or staff, all with our unique reservation system.

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