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IoT EnviroHackathon conference 2016

Today, therefore, more precisely, September 23, 2016, will IoT EnvironHackathon conference. It is organized by Mining University (VSB - TU Ostrava) and will take place in the Multipurpose hall Gong, the Lower Vítkovice. After Friday's conference follows EnviroHackathon event, organized by the VSB - TU Ostrava together with Vodafone.

What's IoT EnvironHackathon?

This is a conference devoted to the topic of the environment and modern technologies. Especially the Internet of Things (IoT away acronym - Internet of Things). The Internet of Things is currently one of the fastest growing areas in the world of IT and telecommunications. According to expert estimates, by 2020 involving more than 50 billion devices, as wittily come from electricity poles to the mirror at home. They predict IoT revolution as the advent of the mobile phone.

Who will attend?

For example, technology specialists will Pavlina Zemanová IoT Partner Manager of Vodafone Czech Republic, which is part of the team Vodafone IoT Global Team for Central Europe as well as representatives of NGOs which focuses on environmental issues, Anna facet of the organization Clean Sky.

Free admission but with the registration

Admission to the conference is free, but the number of seats in the hall Gong is limited, prior registration is required. You can register here.

Hackathon with Vodafone and VSB - TU Ostrava

After the conference, held from 24 to 25 September 2016, noncompetitive EnvironmentHackathon IoT, which will focus on the use of the internet of things to improve the environment. The organizers chose the place thematically Ostrava region, which faces the problem of the environment the most.

What is the purpose of the non-competitive hackathon?

Within 24 hours, will have 10 teams with the task of creating a viable project, which will interconnect technology (especially IoT) with the needs of environmental protection. Individual teams will present their projects to the jury, made up of the partners of the competition. Log individuals can also pre-arranged teams. IoT EnviroHackathon is also open to students and non-professional public.
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