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Application for reporting public events

Introducing one of dalšních many of our products. We have created an application for reporting public events. The objective of this application was to create electronic reporting of public companies. The application simplifies citizens and organizations reporting of public cultural events. By applying this promotes stricter compliance regulations. Eliminates the possibility of a late announcement of events, and also records the events that take place at night time.

Principle applications


Applications used to report the cultural events in the scope of activities of the city. The Web Interface allows the developer to carry out a notification of public events automatically, without personal visits and intervention of the processor. Based properly filed notice in the mail notifier obtains a link to download the final permit organizing the event. At the same time leaves a link to e-mail processors designated to receive the notification emails.


The notifier is registered in the system only once, during a personal visit to the office of the city, where to obtain the login and password, which binds to a PO (according ICO) or to a contact person (FO). The user application must specify a specific time information about the event, for easy identification of the type of action in accordance with the decree of the city, which is not inconsistent with the ordinance. All events remain stored and are retrievable by year and week / month, including details of who approved the action (either automatically or approver's name). You can set up automatic approval events held until 22:00, and vice versa events held in the late morning hours (at night time) queued for approval to the worker in the office who review and approve the action.


Application allows approve repetitive actions or actions notified at once. The event was approved at once, with a single notification. The bulk of the specified actions always spread to each specific data. The system also includes statistics that are kept at the appropriate office, using which we can trace the number of events per calendar year and how many were granted exemptions for organizing public events.

Thanks to this application reduces the administrative tasks necessary for filling in paper forms while saving time official responsible / office employees. The notifier may not happen again for the competent authority to announce the organization of a public event. Everything can be notified electronically, thus accelerating the approval process itself and to reduce administrative costs.

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